Homework for Monday June 11, 2018


Finish your reading project on Firework Maker's Daughter

Play bridge games on my wikipage

Penmanship Do wbk pg 74-75

Homework for Tuesday, June 12th

finish penmanship pgs to pg 74-5

Finish 1 side of the ss Egypt wksht

Finish math percent, decimals, fractions wksht

Finish cartouche color activity

Homework for Wednesday June 13th

Work on Penmanship pgs 76-77

Finish both sides of the ss Egypt wksht

Homework for Thursday June 14, 2018

Finish penmanship pg 77

Finish the 2 math wkshts on positive/ negative numbers

Finish the SS map of the ancient world

Finish read wbk pgs 346, 384

Homework for Friday June 15,2018

Finish penmanship pg 80

Finish math wksht 106 and 112

Finish ss activity map sheet