May 28-June 1
28th No School Memorial Day
June ? Field Day?
June 4-8
June 11-15
6/7 Field Day/ Wear pe uniforms
No Music this week
June 18-22
Award ceremony 9am

LAST DAY 6/ 14
Story: King Midas
Mon. Pretest
Tues. wbk 411
Wed. wbk 416
Thur. wbk 444
Fri. Test
Story: Hindenburg
Mon. no school
Tues. Pretest/ wbk 422
Wed. wbk 427
Thur. wbk 446
Fri. test
Spelling Bee this week
Story: Sweet Music in Harlem
Mon.wbk 433
Tues. wbk 438
Wed. wbk 448
Thur. Fri. Spell bee

Religion/ Chapter 24
Mon. no school
Tues. none
Study for ch 23 quiz
Wed. Ch 23 quiz
Thur. rd/ do ch 23 test
Fri. rd 231-2
Religion / Chapter 24
Mon. rd/ do 197-200
Wed. rd/ do 201-2
ch 24 quiz for hmwkh
24 Test on Thu.
Thu. Ch 24 test for hmwk
Review for End of Yr
Religion test
Fri. MASS/ End of Yr test in class
Religion Appendix
M rd/ do 205-6 hmwk
work on Project Lures in class
Tu Work on Lures in class
W rd/ do wbk 207-8 hmwk
Work on project Lures in class
Th rd/ do wbk 209 for hmwk
work on Project Lures in class
Fri. rd/ do wbk 213-14 hmwk
work on Lures in class

Firework Maker's Daughter
M No school
T Review ch 5 vocab and
rd ch 5/ take notes
W review ch 6 vocab and
rd ch 6/ take notes
TH begin review section
F quiz/ begin review section
Firework Maker's Daughter
Mon. finish project
Tue. Fresh Reads in class
Wed. finish project
TH. fresh reads
Fri. finish project
Monday Collect texts
Clean desks and cubbies
Practice for Award Ceremony

Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 214-15
Tue. wbk 216-17
Thu. wbk 218-19
Fri. wbk 220-21
Lang. Arts
Mon. No School
Tue. wbk Test wbk 204-5
Wed. none
Th. wbk 206-7
Fri. mass
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 208-9
Tue. wbk 210-11
Wed. wbk 112-13
Thu. wbk 214-15/
Fri. wbk 216-17
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 228-9/ 230-231
Tue. Award ceremony/ Play Upwords

wbk 236-37/ 238-9
Math Chapter 13 1 hr May.
Mon. ch 12 quiz 344-5
Tue. Test-class text 342-3
Wed. wbk 13-1/text 354-5
Thu. wbk 13-2/ text 348-9
Fri. wbk 13-3/ text 354-5
Math Chapter 13 1 hr Ma
Mon. No School
Tue. wbk 13-7 text ?
Wed.c h 13 quiz pg 370-1
Thu. ch 13 quiz pg 370-71
Fri ch 13 test text 368-69
Math Chapter
Mon. End Yr Math Test
Tue. End Yr Math test contd.
old les. 16-2
Wed. field Day
Thu. old les 16-3
Fri. old les 16-4
Monday Monopoly
Tuesday Award ceremony/
Play Upwords
Social Studies: Ancient Civ.
M. Out. Map Ancient World
T. rd ck ? p. 42-46
W. wksht 163/ 169 text 42+
TH.rd ck ? text 46-51
F. Write name/ message in
Phoenecian alphabet
Social Studies Ancient Civ.
Mon no school
Tue. rd ck >text 52-57
write name in hieroglyphics
Wed. Rd ck text 60-65
Th.wksht 170/ text 65-66
Fri. work on scrapbook of projects
Social Studies Ancient Civ
Mon. work on scrap books
Tu. rd ck ? p. 71-5
Wed. Field Day
Thu. rd ck ? 76-81
Fri.rd ck ? 88-95
PM Social Studies
M. We're Sailing Down Nile
rd ck ? p. 82-87

T.rd ck ? 96-7
Science chap 11
Mon. wkshts 114/116
Study for ch 11 vocab quiz
Tue. Ch 11 vocab quiz
Study for ch 11 test
Wed. Chap 11 test
Thu. Science Krafts for Kids
wkshts 106-7
Fri. Science Krafts for Kids
wkshts 106-7
Science chap 11
Tue. wkshts 114/116
Study for ch 11 vocab quiz
Wed. Ch 11 vocab quiz
Study for ch 11 test
Thu. Chap 11 test
Mon. Build Bridges
Tue. Field Day/ Build Bridges
Wed. Bridge Build Lab
Thu. Bridge Building
Fri. Bridge Build Lab clean up

Tue. PM Math old lesson 17-1
as wksht with text 412-13
Wed. . PM Math old lesson 17-1
as wksht with text 412-13
END of Year Math test
Tue. pm math old les.
Wed.. wksht 17-3 / text 416-17
Thu. none
PM Math
Tue. Field Day
Tue. wksht 17-4

Penmanship wbk pgs 69-70
Penmanship wbk pgs 71-72
Penmanship wbk pgs 80