Jan. 8-12
Jan. 15-19

Jan 15 Martin Luther
King Day No School
Jan. 22-26
Jan. 29- Feb 2.

28 Family Mass/ Open House
Catholic Schools Week
30 Progress reports out

Story: Mahalia Jackson
Mon. No School
Tue. Pretes/twbk 215
Wed. wbk 220
Thur. wbk 239
Fri. Test
Story: Special Effects
Mon. no school
Tues. Pretest/wbk 226
Wed. wbk 231
Thur. wbk 241
Fri. Test
Story: Weslandia
Mon. No School
Tue. Pretest/wbk 251
Wed. wbk 256
Thur. wbk 302
Fri. Test
Spelling Www.spellingcity.com
Trip Over Lunch Lady
Mon. No school
Tue. Pretest wbk 262
Wed. wbk 267
Thu. wbk 304
Fri. Test

Religion/ Chapter 12
Mon. no school
Tue. poster with p. 90
Wed. rd 93-4/ do 94
read/ do p. 95-6
Thur. do p. 97
Fri. read 98-99
Religion / Chapter 13
Mon. No school
Tue. rd/do 104-5
Wed. read/ do 101-2
Thur. rd/do 107-8
Chap 13 Quiz for hmwk
Fri. Chap. 13 test
Religion/ Chapter 14
Mon. No school
Tue. read/ do 111-112
Wed. read/ do 113-114
Thu. read/ do 113-15
Fri. read/do 116-117
Religion/ Chapter 15
Mon. read/ do 118
ch 14 take home quiz
Tu. Study ch 14 test
online review
Wed. Chap. 14 test
Thur. Sci. Fair Judging
Fri. read/ do 121-124

Read: Mahalia Jackson
Mon. no school
Tu. wbk 20/ rd 1/2 story
Rd story/ wbk 211/
Wd. wbk 216
Thu. Quiz/ wbk 213
Fri. Comp. Ques./
Read.: Special Effects
Mon. no school
Tu. syllables/context
clues wbk pg. 20
Wd. Rd story/ wbk 227
Th. Quiz/ wbk 223
Fri. Comp. ques./wbk 232
Read.: Weslandia
Mon. no school
Interview assignment
4 Square and paragraphs
Tue. par. 1-2
Wd. par. 2-3
Thu. par. 3-4
Fri. par. 4-5
Read.: Exploding Ants
Mon. wbk 271/rd story
Tue. Rd story/ Wbk 24
Wed. Mass reread story
ques 3-4 text 94
Thu. Quiz/wbk 276/275
Fri. wbk 277

Lang. Arts
Mon. no school
Tue. wbk 94-5
Thu. wbk 96-7
Fri. wbk 98-99
Lang. Arts
Mon. no school
Tue. wbk 100-1
Wed. none
Thu. wbk 102-3
Fri. wbk 104-5
Lang. Arts
Mon. No School
Tue. wbk 106-7-9
Thu. wbk 108-9
Fri. wbk 110-11
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 112-13
Tue. wbk 114-15
Th. wbk 116-17
Fri. wbk 118-119

Math Chapter 7
WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Dec.
Mon. no school
T. new text/ wbk 8-5
W. new text 14-15/ wbk 8-6
T. wbk 8-7 text pg 404-5
F. wbk 7-1 odd with text 178-9
Math Chapter 7
WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Jan.
Mon. wbk 7-1 ev/ text 178-9
Tue. wbk 7-2 ev/ text 184-5
Wed. wbk7-3 odd #s
new text 22-23
Thu. Wbk 7-4 ev/text 180-1
Fri. Wbk 7-4 odd/ text 80-1
Math Chapter 7
WWW.ixl.com 1 hrJan.
Mon. No School
Tue wbkt 7-5/ no text
Wed. wbk 7-6 text 186-7
Thu. wbk 7-7/ text 188-9
Fri. Quiz -class/ text 196
Math Chapter 8
WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Jan.
Mon. Test-class 192-3
#s 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15
Tu. wbk 8-1/ text 146-7
Wd. wbk 8-2/ text 158-9
Thu. Science fair judging
Fri. wbk 8-3 / text 152-3

Social Stud. Asia Text
Mon. no school
Tue. what is government?
Wed. types of govt./ wksht
Th. find your Asia
country's govt.
Fri. Asia country's govt
research sheet #1.
Social Studies Asia Text
Research Asia country's
Mon. no school
Tu.research Asia govt.
religion sheet 2
Wed. 1st 5 Interview Ques.
Th. 2nd 5 Interview Ques.
Fri. Type Interview Ques.
Social Stud. Asia Text
Mon. no school
Tue. wksht 31 Asia text M-M1
Wed. rd ck ? p 29-34
Th. wksht 172, text 35-41
Fri. wksht 37 Text 44-49
Social Stud. Asia Text
Mon. wksht 51/text 49-50
Study for Vocab quiz
Tue. Vocab. Qz/map
mastery text 29/30
in class
Wed. latitude/ long. wksht
Th. Science fair judging
Fri. typing final essay in lab

Science Fair Project
M. no school
T. Science Fair Board
W. Science Fair Board
T. Science Fair Board
F. Presentation Outline
Science Fair Project
Mon. no School
Tue. Presentation Outline
Wed Presentation Outline
Th. Sci. Fair Presentations
Fri. Sci. Fair Presentations
Science Fair Project
Mn. Sci. FPresentations
Tu. Sci. F Presentations
Wd. Sci. F Presentations
Th. Sci. F Presentations
Fri. Sci. F Presentations
Science Fair Project
Mn. Straw Structures
Tu. Straw Structures
Wd. Straw Structures
Th. Sci. Fair Judging
Fri. Straw Structures

Penmanship wbk 37-8
Penmanship wkbk 39-40
Penmanship wkbk 41-42
Penmanship wkbk 43-44

Tu. pm math correct test
Wed. PM Math continue

AM Math lesson
Tue. PM Math Step Up 1/
text 396-7
Wed. old lesson 20-2
text 488-9 is old wbk
pg 20-1
Tue pm math wk
Set Up 3
With text 396-7
Wed.Step Up 4
text 404-5
Tu. pm math wk Step
Up 5
with text 396-7
Wed.pm math Step
up 6
With text 170-1