Oct. 2-6

6th First Friday Mass

Oct. 9-13

9th -Columbus Day/ No School

Oct. 16-20

17th ACRES Test

Oct. 23-27

24th Progress Reports Out

Grandparents Day?

Spelling spellingcity.com

Story: Chi lin Purse

Mon. Pretest

Tues. wbk. 88

Wed. wbk 93

Thur. wbk 103

Fri. Test

Religion: Chap. 4

Mon. Rev. in class

Test Ch. 4 finish as hmwk

Tues. discuss saint report

Wed. read/do wbk 217-18

Thu. rd 33-6/do 33-4

Fri. mass/ Do wbk p. 29

Study- Quiz Tues. Chap 4

Spelling: At the Beach

Story: At the Beach

Mon. no school

Tues. Pretest wbk 113

Wed. wbk 118

Thur. wbk 164

Fri. Test

Religion: Chapter 4-5

Mon. No School

Tu. none

Wed. rd wbk 37-8

paragraph: How is Jesus

in the Eucharist?

Th. rd 39-41/ online review

Study for ch 5 test

Fri. Ch 5 test in class

Spelling: spellingcity.com

Story: No School


Tu. No Spell this Week

Wed. Saint Report

Thur. Saint report

Fri. Saint report

Religion: chapter 6

Work on Saint Report

this week

Mon. rd 43-44/do 44

Wed. Read 37-38

Thu. Rd/ do wbk 45-6

Do 47for hmwk

Fri. read 48-9


Hold the Flag High

Mon. Pretest

Tues. wbk 124

Wed. wbk 129

Thur. wbk 166

Fri. Test

Religion: Chapter 7

Mon. Rd 48-5/

Tue. wbk 51-2

Wed.rd/ do p. 54-5

Thur. do wbk 56-7

do p 60 hmwk

Fri. chap 7 test

work on saint report

Read. 10 Mile Day


Mon. write definition/sentence

Tue. Rd story/wbk 10/85-6

Wed. Rd part 2/ wbk 84

Thu. Quiz/ Wbk 85

Fri. wbk 89

Lang. Arts

Mon. wbk. p. 22

Tue. wbk 23

Wed. none

Thu. wbk p. 24-5

Fri. wbk 26

Read. Story:At the Beach

Mon. no school

Tue. Notes for Saint rerort

Wed. Paragraph 1

Th. Paragraph 2

Fri. paragraph 3

Lang. Arts

Mon. no school

Tue. wbk p. 27

Wed. none

Thu. wbk p. 28-29

Fri. wbk 30

Read. None this week


Mon. No School


Wed. Saint Report

Thu.rd wbk 120

SS mini proj.

Fri. SS Mini proj.

Lang. Arts

Mon. wbk 31


Thu. wbk 32-33

Fri. wbk 34-35

Read.:Hold the Flag High

Mon. vocab

syllables/ in a sentence

Tu. Rd story part 1/ wbk 121

Wed. rd part 2/ wbk 120

Thu. Quiz/ Wbk 125

Fri. comprehend. ?

wbk 127-8
Lang. Arts

Mon. wbk p. 36-37

Tue. wbk p. 38-39

Thu. wbk p. 40-1

Fri. wbk 42-43

Math wbk Chapter 2- 3

WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Sept.

Mon. Test in class chap 2

Tu. wbk 3-1/ text p. 58-9

Wed. wbk 3-2 / text p 58-9

Thu. wbk 3-3 / text p. 62-3

Fri. wbk 3-4 / text 72-3

Math wbk Chapter 3

WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Oct.

Mon. No School

Tu. wbk 3-6 odd in class

Wd. text 64-5/ even for hmwk

Th. wbk 3-5 old 6-4 text 156

Fri. wbk 3-7 odd / text 68-9

Math wbk Chapter 3

WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Oct.

Mon.3-7even #s for hmwk

Tu. wbk 3-8 odd/text 70-1

Wd. wbk 3-8 even/ text 70-1

Th. wbk 3-9 odd class/

even hmwk /text 74-5

Fri. Quiz -class text 80-81

Math wbk Chap. 3 -4

WWW.ixl.com 1 hr Oct.

Mon. Correct Quiz in class

Study for ch test

Tu. Test class ch3 text

Wed. wbk 4-1/ text 84-5

Thu. wbk 4-2/text 86-7

Fri. wbk 4-4/ text 90-2

Social Studies/ Africa text

M.wksht 150/ text 46-9

Tu. wksht 150/ text 46-9

Wed. Sundiata? Lion King

Write Summary paragraph

Th. wkst 154/ text 46-9

Fri. mass/ half day

Science chap 2

Mon. wksht 15/text 42-5

Tu. wksht 83 com. bk sci.

Wed.wksht 17/20 text 50-3

Vocab quiz ch 2

Study for Ch 2 test

Thu. Chap. 2 vocab quiz

Review for test

Fri. chap 2 test

Do Penmanship wkbk 17-19

Tue. pm math QUIZ 458-61

Fri. pm math TEST 456-7

Work on saint project

Social Stud. Africa Text

Mon. no school

T.d ck ? text 57-63

Wed. do text 52 on paper

Th.rd ck ? text 68-72

Study for Vocab Quiz

Fri. Vocab Quiz in class

text p. 73/ Map Master p 74
Review for Test

Science Chapter 2-3

Mon. No School

Tue. candy exp 1. pg 2

Wed. comp. bk sci p 110

wbk 22-23/text 57-61
study chap vocab

Th. Vocab quiz in class

wksht 79 comp bk sci

Fri. wksht 24-25 text 70-3

Do Penmanship wbk pgs 20-21

PM Math computer Bar Graph

text 422-23

Social Stud. Africa TEXT

Mon. Test in class 194-6


W. wksht 176/ text 77-83

Th. wksht 225/text 84-9

Fri. rd ck ? 94-6

Science chap 3

Mon. wksht 26/ text 74-9

T. Acre Test

W .wksht 86-7 CBScience

wksht 27/30

study ch 3 vocab for quiz

Thu. Chap 3 vocab quiz

Review for chap 3 test

Fri. chap. 3 test

Penmanship wkbk 22-24

Work on Saint Report

TU/ WED. PM Math

15-1/text 206-7

Online graph?

Social Stud. Africa TEXT

Mon. tf ck ? 97-100

Study chap vocab for quiz

Tue. Vocab Quiz in class

key terms 101/ wksht 236

Wed. Marriage of the Rain God.

Th. study guide wksht 239-41

Fri. rtest in class 242-4

Science chap 4

M. chap 3 test

T. candy exp #3

W.wksht 32-33/ text 89-93

chapter vocab. flash cards

Thu. wksht 34/ text 94-97

Fri. wksht 135 from CBScience

Penmanship wkbk 25-7

Tu.pm math wb 15-3/210-211

Wd pm math wb15-2/208-9