November 27- Dec. 1

28th- Trimester 1 Ends
1st Mass
Dec. 4-8

Advent Begins
12/8 Immaculate
Conception Mass
Feast of St. Nicholas?
December 11-15

12th Report Cards
December 18-22nd
th 1 pm Pre K & K
Christmas concert
th Christmas Concert
grades 1-5 6 pm
th Dec. birthday
dress down day
22nd Half Day
Jan 3-5

2nd No School Prof. Day
5th Mass
No Spelling wbk
Midnight ride of Paul R.
Mon. Pretest
Tues. wbk 157
Wed. wb 162
Thur. Wbk 172
Fri. Test
F. P. Motion Machine
Mon. Pretest
Tues. wbk 182
Wed. wb 187
Thur. Wbk 233
Fri. Test
Leonardo’s Horse
Mon. Pretest
Tues. wbk 193
Wed. wbk 198
Thur. Wbk 235
Fri. Test
Dinosaurs of W. H.
Mon. Prof. Day
Tues. Pretest/ wbk 204
Wed. wbk 209
Thur. wbk 237
Fri.TEST in class
No Spelling

Religion Chapter 9
Mon. prepare for Advent
Tue. None
Wd. prepare for Advent
TH. rd text 219-220
Religion Chap. 9
Mon. Christmas chap.
Rd. 221-2/ do 222
Jesse wksht
Tues. Jesse wksht due
do wbk 77-8 wbk 79-80
assembly/ prayer service
Th.rd wbk 81-3
12 days-Christmas sheet
Fri. Immac. C. mass
Religion/ Chapter 9-10 wksht 32
rd/ do 77-8
Tue. Study ch 10 test
Wed. ch 10 test
Thur. correct ch 10 test
Fri. rd/ do wksht 27
Religion /Chap.10
Mon. rd/ do wbk 85-7
Tue. None
Wed. rd/do wbk 88-9
Thu. rd/ do wbk 90-91
Fri. half day
Mon. Prof. Day
Tue. none
Wed. rd/ do 85-7
Thu. rd/ do 88-89
Study for quiz chap. 11
Fri. Quiz in class
Reading No Reading
M. Do SS. mini project
T. Do SS. mini project
W. Do SS. mini project
Th. Do SS. mini project
F. Do SS. mini project
Reading :
F. P. Motion Machine
M.write def./ context clue
wbk 179/180
T. Rd story/ wbk 17
Wed. rd part 2/ wbk 183-4
Thur.Quiz Story Quest./
wbk 188
Fri. mass
Leonardo’s Horse
Mon. wbk 189/190
rd part 1 of the story
Tue. Rd part 2 of story/ wbk 18
Wed. rd part 2 /wbk 189
Thu. Quiz/ text / p 387 #1-3
Fri. rd wbk 196-7
Dinosaurs of W. H.
Mon.context clue/ sent
/ wbk 200/202
Tue. rd story/ wbk 20/206
Wed. Rd story/wbk 203
Thu. Quiz/wbk 207-8
Fri. Half Day
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 60-1
Tue. wbk 62-63
Thu. wbk 64-65
Fri. wbk 66-67
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 68-9
Tue.wbk 70-1
Wed. wbk 72-3
Thu. wbk 74-5
Fri. mass
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 76-7
Tue. wbk 78-9
Thu. wbk 90-1
Fri. wbk 92-3
Lang. Arts
Mon. wbk 94-5
Tue. wbk 96-7
Wed. wbk 98-99
Thu. SHOW rehearsal
Fri. none
Lang. Arts
Mon. None
Tue. wbk 100-1
Thu. wbk 102-3
Fri. wbk 104-5
Math Chapter 5 1 hr in Nov.
Mon. wbk 5-5/text 134-5
Tu. wbk 5-6 odd/ text 134-5
W. wbk 5-6 ev. text 134-4
Thu. wbk 5-7odd / text 136-7
Fri. wbk 5-7even /ext 136-7
Math Chapter 5 1 hr Nov.
M. wbk 5-8 odd /text 138-9
T. wbk 5-8even/text 138-9
W. Quiz in class text 142
Thu. Quiz- class text 143
F. Test in class text 140-1
Math Chapter 6 1 hr Dec.
M. wbk 6-1 odd /text 170-1
T. wbk 6-1ev./ text 170-1
W. wbk 6-5 odd/ text 173-4
T. wbk 6-5 ev/ text 173-4
F. show rehearsal
Math Chapter 6 1 hr Dec.
M. wbk 6-3/new text 16-17
T. wksht 6-3 odd/new
text 17-8
W. wbk 6-4/ text 18-19
new text
Thu.Wbk 6-2/text 172-3
Fri. half day
Math Chapter 6-7 1hr Dec.
M. prof. day
T. Wbk 6-6/ text 176-7
W. wbk 6-7 / text 188-9
Th. wbk 6-7 / text 188-9
Fri. New text 6-6A pgs 10-11
new text
Science Fair Proj.
M. Backgrnd research
T. Backgrnd research
W. Observations
Thu. No School
Fri. No School Science
Fair Proj.
M. Discuss Observations
Write Background
T. Discuss Observations
write background
Wed. Write background
Th. discuss Results
F. Extra music practice
Background research
Mon. Results
Tue. Conclusion
Wed. Conclusion
Fri. Work on Report
Science Fair Proj.
/Title Page
Mon. Bibliography
Tue. Bibliography
Wed. Finish report
Fri. Report due
Science Fair Proj.
M. Prof. Day
T. Finish Report
W. Finish Report
T. Science Fair Board
F. Science Fair Board
Social Stud./ Africa text
Mon. Hatsellers/ Monkeys
record story info/ notebk
Tue. notes text 150-4
Study chap vocab.
Wed. Quiz/ wksht 319
Th. study guide wkshts 323-5
Fri. test in class/wkshts 326-8
Social Studies
Africa TEXT
M. lat. long. wksht
T. lat. long. wksht
Wed. lat. long. wksht
Th. Immac. C. Mass
Fri. MAPS wksht 62-5
Social Studies
Africa TEXT
Mon. Notes on major religions
Venn Diagram-Islam/
Christianity text 166-70
Tu. Venn D. cont. text 171-5
Wed. We All Went of Safari
wksht 359
Th. Immac. C. Mass
Fri. wksht 361/ study vocab
rd text 172-184
Social Studies
Africa TEXT
Mon. vocab quiz in class
text 182-3/ study guide
T. Mama Panya's Pancakes

How is it oral tradition?
Th. Test in class
Fri. half day
Social Stud./ Africa text
Mon. Discuss 166-170-
Tue. Discuss 171-175
Wed. Discuss178-182
Thu. Discuss 200-212
Fri. Half Day
PM Math
Tue. PM Math Chap test
text 214-5 Skip #
Wed. pm math
wbk16-1/ 414
PM Math
Thu. Line graph online
Assign Text les p. 436-7
wbk 16-2 text 414-15
Th wbk 16-3 text 418-19
PM Math
Tue pm math online line graph
text p 436-7
Wed. pm math wk 16-4/
new text p 50-51
PM Math
Tue. PM Math wbk 16-5
with new text 52-3
Wed. PM Math wbk 16-6/
text 422-23
PM Math >?
Tue. pm math quiz text 426-7
skip part d
Wed. pm math Test txt 424-5
Penmanship wkbk 34-5
Penmanship wkbk 36-7
Penmanship 38
Penmanship None
No Penmanship 39-40