Social Studies Scrapbook

Students are to create a scrapbook to show case their social studies projects completed this year.

This is a requirement of the Diocese. Students will color a sheet for the cover.

It should read "My trip to Africa, Asia and Australia"

It should be decorated with symbols and images of the countries you visited.

It should be neatly colored.

Your name should be on the front cover.

Then place all your Africa pieces in the front of the scrapbook.

Use every page, both sides, too.

Then place your Asia pieces in the middle of your scrapbook.

Then you will place your Australia pieces.

You may leave a space between the sections for different regions.

You may tape, staple, or glue the pieces in carefully and neatly.

You may write on the scrap book page or decorate it too.

You will use the scrapbook to complete an outline of your projects.

I have created a general outline that you will follow

You may customize it as you see fit.

You will use this outline to prepare for your class presentation.

Be sure to check the spelling.