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Land Use Bar Graph Assignment


We will research information online using the links for The Country Poster on the class wiki page.You will find out how the land is used in your Africa country.You need to find out how it is used as well as the percentages for each use.Land may be used for farming, herding livestock, forest, manufacturing, mining, residential, wasteland etc.Read the rubric below to be sure you follow the directions.Read the handout for the math graph to understand how to use the program.
Online Social Studies Bar Graph Assignment RUBRIC
Title is correct
Most is correct
Some is correct
Title is not correct
No title
X axis label
Is correctly labeled
Most is correct
Some is correct
Is not correct
No label
Y axis label
Is correctly labeled
Most is correct
Some is correct
Is not correct
No label
Data is correct
Most data is correct
Some data is correct
Is not correct
Incomplete data
Source is listed
Is correct
Most is correct
Some is correct
Is incorrect
Is not given
Is neat
All is neat
Most is neat
Some is neat
Little is neat
Is not neat
Has name on it
Name and date are correct

Name is correct

No name or date
All spelling is accurate
Most spelling is accurate
Some spelling is accurate
Little spelling is accurate
No spelling is accurate
In on time
In on time
Later that day
One day late
Two days late
No turned in

Build a Bar Graph Math Assignment due

Students will use the graph for the Softball Tournament Records Problem on Text pg. 432-33 in their math book to make a bar graph on the computer. Make a graph showing only the games that were won. Don’t do games lost. Parents and students can explore the site we’ve used in the lab to make graphs to complete this assignment.
You may also find this site useful in building graphs for graphing data for the science fair project.
1. Log on to 2. Click on graphs on the tool bar 3. Click on bar graph 4. Click on the Design tab but leave the settings as they are. 5. Click on the Data Tab A. Type in the title B. Type in the Y axis and X axis, but be careful to fill in the right one. C. For Source type in your first and last name and Math pg. 432 bar graph D. Enter the names of the high schools under item labels E. Enter the number of games won in the value box for each school F. Fill in 0 for the Min-Value G. Fill in 10 for the Max-Value 6. Click on Preview Tab to select font type, color and size. 7. Click on Print/Save to Print graph. Follow directions to print. A. If you do not have a printer than e-mail (1 copy only) it to me at: Mcholette@SJSF.DFRCS.ORG 8. If you do not have a computer at home see me to complete this project during your library period, during recess or after school in the computer lab.
Please note that the school computer lab is not available every period of the day.
Please know that the school computer printers do not print in color.
See me with questions or for help. Good luck!