Africa Country Map Assignment
The map must be a a geographic, elevation or natural resource map: Due Date to be announced

It can be a resource geographical, elevation, map.
It should have a KEY, scale, compass rose, and the title should name the type of map and your country.

Maps photocopied from an atlas or printed from a computer already labeled/colored in are not acceptable.
Students are encouraged to use maps in their Social Studies book, books in the classroom, and school library.
Students may work on this in class when their class work is done, during library period and at home.

General directions:
1. Students may print out an outline map from one of the links on the wiki page.
2. Students may enlarge the outline map and draw it on the material provided.
Cardboard is a good idea as marker may bleed through the paper.
You can use a manilla folder. Students can attach the maps to their scrap book at the end of the year
3. Neatly sketch out and label the map in pencil making sure everything in spelled correctly.
4. Use a black marker to neatly trace over the pencil to make the labels and boundaries stand out.
5. Neatly color the map with colored pencils, crayons or markers.
6. Be sure to put your name on the map.
7. Check spelling and capitals etc.