Finding the Scale on of a Country on a Map if you've Enlarged the Map

1. Find the width or height of a place on the first map in inches.

Change 1/2 of an inch to .25, 1/2 an inch to .5, and 3/4 of an inch to .75 Decimals will be easier to multiply/ Divide.

2. Find the scale on the first (smaller) map. It is listed with the word SCALE.

3. Multiply the number of inches by the miles stated in the scale to get the total width or height in miles on map 1.

Round this number using your estimation skills from math to make the math easier to do.

4. Using the same reference points on map 2, find the measurement of the place height or width on map 2

5. Divide the total measurement of the miles on map 1 by the measurement of inches in map 2.
This gives you the number of miles per inch for the scale on map 2.
For Example: Using the maps of Africa on pgs 4-5 in your text book...

Pretend the map on pg 5 is map 1 the smaller map you will make bigger.

1. On the 20 degree north latitude line, measure the width of Africa. It is 3 1/4 inches, so change it to a decimal 3.25

2. Multiply 3.25 by 1, 500 miles stated per inch in the scale.

3.25 x 1, 500 = 4, 875 miles, Africa measures 4,875 miles across there.

3. Measure the distance on the Africa map on page 4 at the same spot on the 20th degree north latitude. It is 4 1/4 inches... change it to 4.25

4. Divide the 4, 875 miles it measured on map one with the width measurement on map 2.

4, 875 divided by 4.25 = 1,147 miles Round it to 1, 100 miles

The scale on your enlarged map would be 1, 110 miles per inch.