Below is a fictitious religion from a fictitious Asian Country

The Traditional Religion of People of the Kingdom of Malundi

(indent) The people of Malundi are part of a very old kingdom that has practiced an indigenous religion since the 500s. The indigenous religion is called Balundi and 89 % of the population practice this religion. They are a small kingdom and are isolated from the rest of the world by tall mountains and thick tropical forests. They believe in a brightly colored raven bird that represents the creator spirit. They can worship their deity in many places and any time. They have unique customs, beliefs, traditions and symbols in their faith. I will tell you more about the Blaundi indigenous religion in the following paragraphs.

(indent) The Malundi people believe the Raven god created all life on earth. Therefore, they believe that all life is special. No one should kill any living animal unless they are in danger, or need it for food. As a result, all people respect plant life because their Raven god created it. So, the followers of Balundi believe you go to the Land of the Raven in the sky when you die to be with your ancestors and all spirits of living things if you led a good life. Real raven birds are especially protected and considered good fortune to have living near you. They believe in protecting all animal life, unless they are hunting for food. Even then, they give thanks for the animal's sacrifice of its life to feed them. Acts of kindness are also considered acts of kindness towards their god. Of course, as people are living beings, they do not believe in committing any harm against their fellow man. So, they do not believe in war of any kind. Next, I will tell you about the sacred places where the Balundi practice their religion.

(indent) The Malundi people can worship their Raven bird god at any time of day or night, and in any place that natures is found. They do not need a building in which to practice their faith. Any natural spot is considered sacred. It is widely believed that you can worship on a plain at sunset, early in the morning in a garden, at the pond, or in the forest surrounded by trees and animals. Usually, the people worship many times a day. They may sing, chant, pray aloud, or pray silently. They can worship as an individual, or as a group. They do not need a priest or head religious leader. Typically, the family elders lead the younger members in learning and practicing their faith. Each family has a statute or model of the Raven god in their home. They may have a garden spot where they have a statute of their Raven god, too. Therefore, they usually burn incense and all lighter colors of nature are important in their faith. The picture of the Raven god is considered holy, but the people worship their god and not a picture or statute. It is the spirit that is important. These colors represent good and heaven. In the following paragraph I will explain the celebrations of the Balundi faith.

(indent) The members of the Malundi tribe who practice the Balundi faith practice seasonal celebrations. The people set aside one day a season to fast and give thanks. Each spring they celebrate Mooka, the birth of new life, and in summer they celebrate Falooka, the time of activity. Each fall they celebrate Bindi, the time of harvest. They really do not have a winter season. All members wear elaborate raven costumes to celebrate religious occasions like the change of seasons and changes in the daytime and evening skies. Frequently, they weave brightly colored cloth made from local materials and dyes made from the earth. Often grandparents often pass down costumes that have been in the family for generations for the children to wear. They customarily play instruments they make to imitate the sounds of nature. Most followers believe that wearing the colors of the earth and making nature sounds pleases the Raven god. As the land and its resources are precious to them, so they do not waste the natural resources or the land.

(indent) The followers of the indigenous religion of Balundi in Malundi are a deeply spiritual people. They believe their Raven god watches over them. They greatly respect nature and its resources because their Raven god created it. Since so much of the country's population practice the religion, the Raven god is seen everywhere. The land of the people is also pristine and well cared for. The people practice their faith many times a day in ways that are most meaningful to the people. They may worship alone or in groups, aloud or quietly, in a garden or a jungle, any time of the day, and without a religious leader. The Malundi people are proud caretakers of their faith and are happy to share it with visitors to their lands. It is the job of each member of the faith to pas their religion on to the next generation. I hope you enjoyed learning about the faith, people, places and celebrations of the indigenous religion of Balundi in the Asian country of Malundi!