Asia Country Major Religion Essay Assignment
Students will research and write a 5 paragraph essay about the major religion in their Asian country. This essay will be worked on primarily in school, with some time spent on it at home. So, students will need to have their material sin class to work on.
The focus on this essay is detail, so students will be researching the religion in library period and using links on the class wiki page in the computer lab. Students may need to use a variety of sources.
Students should write the essay as if they are learning about the religion from a person they just met who is sharing their religion with them. Perhaps the student even met them while visiting the Asian country.

Students will use the handout and class discussions to guide them. They will fill out a 4 Square Format form as well as write a rough draft. The final copy must b e written in ink and in cursive, or neatly typed. Students will receive a social studies content grade and a language arts writing grade for this report.

Students are responsible for checking paragraph form, spelling, grammar, capitals, punctuation and for checking the accuracy of the details used. Students should have main idea, detail, opening and transition sentences. Students may need to use more than 5 sentences in a paragraph to share the necessary detail. They should use transition words/ sentences, as well as vary the length of sentences as they have learned in class.

4 Square Outline
The Religion of in the Asian Country of
A. Introductory paragraph

1. open. Sentence. Name the major religion
and % of population practicing it.

2. 1 sentence about the basic belief

3. 1 sentence about the sacred places/
objects used/ people who officiate

4. 1 sentence about celebrations

5. 1 transition sentence
B. Basic beliefs paragraph

1. opening sentence telling who founded it and when

2. Who is the important figure in the religion?

3. What are the basic beliefs?

4. Give additional details

5. give additional details

6. transition sentence
C. Sacred places/ spaces paragraph

1. open. Sentence naming sacred places/
objects used

2. Where are these places/ objects found?

3. What symbols/ colors are used?

4. What happens there and who officiates?

5. How often do they practice their faith

6. add details

7. a transition sentence
D. Sacred celebrations paragraph

1. open. Sentence naming the celebrations

2. what kind of celebrations

3. who participates/ who is involved

4. name/ describe one/ what does it mean?

5. name/ describe 2nd one/ what does it mean?

6. name/ describe 3rd one/ what does it mean?

7. transition sentence
E. Closing/ Summary paragraph

1. summary sentence 1

2. summary sentence 2 about paragraph B

3. summary sentence 3 about paragraph C

4. summary sentence 4 about paragraph D

5 additional summary sentences

6. summary sentence