You are going to find out what religions the people of your Asia country practice.

Log onto page for your country.

Go to the religion section. It looks like this:


The constitution of 1981 was amended in 1989 resulting in Buddhism being recognized as the national religion. Around 95% of the population are Theravada Buddhists, 2% are Muslims with the remainder small minorities of Mahayana Buddhists and Roman Catholics.

Write down the name of your country's major religions and the percentages for each.

Theravada Buddhists 95%

Muslim 2%

small minorities of Mahayana Buddhists and Roman Catholics 3%

You will be given additional information to create the online pie graph.

Log onto

Select the Design Tab Choose pie graph

Select Data Tab Type in Major Religions in ( and name your country)

Type in for the Source and Type in your name here, too.

Select the number of slices, 1 for each major religion in your country using the drop down box

Type in the names of the major religions under Item

Type in the number for the percent for that religion in the Value box. DO NOT USE THE %

Select varying shades for the color as we do not have a color printer.

Select the Preview Tab How does your graph look? Go back to the tab pages if there are mistakes to correct.

Can you see the different slices for the different religions? If not go back and change the sharing for that religion.

See me before printing!